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Buy and import cars from the USA

We can help you with the entire process, one step at a time:

  • We contact the seller for information on and photos of your chosen car.
  • We have the car inspected prior to purchase, wherever it’s located in the US or Canada.
  • We negotiate price directly with the seller.
  • We arrange a secure payment transaction.
  • We have all documentation such as payment receipt, vehicle title (proof of ownership), and customs paperwork issued in your name as our client. We make sure all documents and the vehicle identification number are correct, ensuring a smooth import process.
  • We arrange customs clearance and payment of import VAT on classic cars older than 30 years at a rate of 9 % in the Netherlands and 12% in Sweden.
  • We take care of shipping, import, and delivery to your address. Door2Door.
  • We can also help with eBay purchases

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