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Swedish magazine: USA-Klassiker

Anders Dahlgren from Sollentuna company operates Door2Door Carbroker.
– I brought home my first car back in 1978, 19 years old, remembers Anders Dahlgren.

It was a Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Since I found in Alabama. Then it continued through the years with the importation of more vehicles for its own account. Knowledge and experience grew, friends approached him with questions about the imports, so in 2004 I started Door2Door, says Anders Dahlgren.
Ten years ago, the customer base right homogenous in terms of age range between 35-55 years.
Recently, it has been pulled out to further particular between 27 to 75 years. It is also gratifying that the Swedish women are importing their dream cars.

Most commonly imported cars, Classic Chevy and Ford Mustang convertible, but also European cars and American trucks have found to Sweden by Anders Dahlgren’s auspices.
The business concept is as simple as it is ingenious; be in place to help customers import the car with maximum security, flexibility and security. The advantages of an agent are many. A large network makes it easier to find the right car, the car’s condition closely scrutinized documentation and practical must-haves
such as chassis number inspected on site before buying to avoid problems at entry and registration in Sweden. Anders Dahlgren also usually check with the vehicle inspection before departure whether this particular model looks to have a chance to meet regbesikting in Sweden.

– A business usually start with the customer found a car on your own, or ask me to come up with suggestions for a car that fits the wishes, says Anders Dahlgren. After that Anders Dahlgren affair proceed step by step. First contact Anders Dahlgren owner in the US for control questions about the car’s condition, rust, paint and other things, and sometimes requests for additional pictures. The reason for this is to weed out cars that do not measure up. After years of ad reading, Anders Dahlgren learned how to see what is true and what is false, both the current cars’ condition and the advertiser’s honesty, partly developed step by step, get answers to any questions before setting off and do not be fooled to quickly cut to the first best car. Small clues as missing images on chassis and barged into the ad, while the seller is reluctant to send the newly taken photos could be an indication that all is not right. When Anders Dahlgren is in place, inspect the car carefully. Is it a collector’s item checked original condition, where the details of the car can determine if the vehicle qualifies for exemption from customs duties and import VAT of 12 percent or 10 percent duty and 25 percent VAT.

If the car is original or have the car updated with rear disc brakes? Such detail can transform the car from the collector car imports into common use car imports. Anders Dahlgren discovered this on a Chevrolet Chevelle, built back to drum brakes in place in the United States, which saved the owner many crowns on entry into Sweden. The great work performed thus before departure, where important details such as chassis number, condition and documentation checked. Although the seller’s request for payment is checked, all to avoid surprises in any American small town. If everything is Anders Dahlgren traveling to the US to finally inspect and buy the car. Once in place in the United States controlled both the car and the documentation carefully. The car’s chassis number is compared to the vehicle’s US registration, known title, which is very important. For example, should an eighth in the car’s chassis number through the years have turned into a third on the car’s title, this can cause the car to be stopped by American or Swedish customs. Or worse; the car becomes impossible to register in Sweden.

If everything is correct and the vehicle is judged to be worth buying contacted the buyer in Sweden for the final decision to purchase. Receipt, title, customs documents and other paperwork issued in the name of the buyer. Anders Dahlgren manages all this in place in the US for its customers. Then it’s time to pay some US sellers be exceedingly försiktiga.En such met Anders Dahlgren, Illinois. – Everything was ready for business, remembers Anders Dahlgren. The seller refused to disclose the account number and was equally negative to cash – banknotes could well be fake! And the equivalent of the money order was not to think about – it could also be false. Finally, I managed to convince him that we would visit his bank, where I paid with cash that the bank put into his account, laughs Anders Dahlgren. – Finding cars, buy and import those are actually my service, says Anders Dahlgren. Plus, no owner can add both time and money on yourself traveling to the US to find and buy car, continues Anders Dahlgren. After more than 400 cars bought in 44 states since 2004, Anders Dalgren considerable experience and offer a service that fits many speculators who lack the time or expertise and assistance with a safe purchase. More information can be found at or Facebook.

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