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1. Let us help you buy a car stateside!

har-far-du-hjalp-att-kopa-bil-i-USAIt’s easy to find American cars for sale online, but what’s the next step?

Perhaps you’ve already seen an ad for a car you’re interested in? Door2Door can help you buy vehicles with confidence throughout the United States and Canada, no matter whether you’ve found the car yourself or would like our help in searching. As your agent, we contact the seller in person to obtain information, negotiate price, and arrange an ineo.

2. Vehicle inspection

inspektion-av-bilenPrior to any purchase, we have the car or truck personally inspected at the seller’s location, wherever that may be, to make sure its condition matches the description. We also check the documentation and the vehicle identification number prior to purchase.

In May 2012 we purchased this 1966 Ford Mustang in Tucson, Arizona, on behalf of Mr. Roy Johansson of Kungsbacka, Sweden.

3. Price negotiation

vi-forhandlar-prisWe’ll help you negotiate a fair price. It’s often possible to get a better deal than the asking price.

The photo shows Mr. Bob Morgan of Jonestown, Pennsylvania, and the 1963 Ford Galaxie XL that we purchased on behalf of Mr. Lasse Ståhl of Norrköping, Sweden

4. Settling the transaction

affaren-gors-upp-personligenThrough our American bank, we settle the transaction in a secure manner that both buyer and seller can trust.

Note: The receipt/bill of sale is always made out in the client’s (your) name. You will be named as the vehicle’s owner throughout the process. We issue an order confirmation specifying the vehicle to be purchased and the seller to whom the purchase price is payable.

The photo shows Anders Dahlgren of Door2Door meeting with Mr. David Ratliff in Baltimore to conclude the purchase of a 1970 Peterbilt truck, now in Sweden.

5. Shipping

transportSafe, reliable shipping of your purchased vehicle is of the utmost importance, which is why we always work with trusted shipping partners. After purchase, we’ll arrange transportation from the seller to the terminal for onward shipping to you — Door2Door. All vehicles are insured while in transit.

The pictured car is a 1968 Dodge Monaco purchased by Door2Door’s representative in northern California on behalf of Mr. Gunnar Carlsson of Vingåker, Swede

6. Customs

fortullningWe’ll clear the vehicle through customs for you and then arrange delivery to your door. Alternatively, you are welcome to pick up your car from the terminal in Gothenburg or our depot in Sollentuna, outside Stockholm.

Hans, an employee of shipping company Nordtrafik, is seen here removing a 1948 Cadillac from a container. The car was purchased in Pennsylvania in September 2012 on behalf of Mr. Kjell Svensson of Lidköping, Sweden

7. Delivery

leveransSince we started our business in 2004, Door2Door has purchased more than 400 cars and trucks in 45 American states on behalf of customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. We now also deliver to other EU countries.

This 1963 Ford Galaxie XL was purchased in Pennsylvania in June 2012. The photo shows it being handed over to our customer Mr. Lasse Ståhl of Norrköping, Sweden.

Pictured with the car are the delivery driver from Eurotransport, buyers Kerstin and Lasse Ståhl, and Anders Dahlgren of Door2Door.

Don’t just take our word for it. Please feel free to call Lasse or any of our other satisfied customers listed under “Testimonials.”

8. We take care of everything

vi-ordnar-alltThere’s no shortage of great cars in the US. We can help you with all aspects of purchasing and importing. All you have to do is decide which car you want. And leave the rest to us.

Take the first step toward buying your dream car. Fill out our inquiry form today!

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