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Wicked Tattoo Chevy

There are many different sales pitches to sell a car. Some vendors focus on the car’s condition or performance, others claim that it looks great in the car. Or, if you own any tattoo shop, you can you can throw in a tattoo shop. The seller made of a 1955 Chevrolet in San Antonio, Texas. Wicked Tattoo Chevy! by Anders Dahlgren

“Inga Gill!” My girlfriend at the time raised his arms skyward, rolled her eyes and said, “Inga Gill!” I thought at first that it was a strange expression of an existential experience.

This was in the late eighties and Inga Gill was still alive. She certainly had a long track record as a talented actress, but was hardly known as the subject of existential viewfinder, although she had been in Ingmar Bergman’s film The Seventh Seal.

The reason for his girlfriend’s excited exclamation was that we walked past the Grand Hotel in Stockholm and on their porch a few meters above us sat at Inga Gill at a window table.

She then starred in the TV series “department store”, as my girlfriend watched every episode of, hence the exclamation.

A similar experience came to me when I was twenty-five years later, sitting in my car in Essingeleden in Stockholm.

As is often the traffic was moving slowly, slowly, if at all, forward.

Amidst the frustration I had a sense of something familiar that floated by slowly above me.

In the opposite direction moving traffic a little better and the top, at the back of a car transporter was a red and white 1955 Chevrolet with the text “Wicked Rods” and “Wicked Ink Tattoos” in big letters on the back window.

A few months earlier I had helped Sven-Olov Aringskog in Skutskar to buy the car in San Antonio, Texas. Sometimes the world is small and now I met the Chevy again on Essingeleden in Stockholm a few hours before it was delivered to Sven-Olov. I stretched her arms towards the roof of the car and rolled his eyes: “Wicked Tattoo Chevy!”. Essingeleden opened and traffic began to flow again.

There are many selling points to convince a car purchase.

One that often works is that the seller claims that it looks good in the car, or even better on the seller’s wife says that when her husband did not hear.

It’s probably the oldest trick in the book, but a little tickling it anyway. Some car dealers hand out pens and balloons to children to attract customers. Or if you own any tattoo places in Texas, you can throw in a tattoo in the purchase of the car to attract decision.

So did Roy Renteria in San Antonio. “If you buy the car, you get a tattoo with the purchase,” he said during the inspection of the Chevy at the Wicked Ink Tattoos Shop in November 2010.

Sven-Olov had been on the lookout for a 1955 Chevrolet two-door ago to build a race car off. We found the car in San Antonio and came to Sweden a few months later. It was a good and affordable topic to begin with. Upon purchasing the original sixth grade had already been replaced by one 350 and the car had some other modifications, most of which is now gone.

After arrival in Sweden, it has happened a lot with the Chevy. Sven-Olov has renovated and modified the car in the direction he wants it. Besides a new paint two years ago, the entire drivetrain has been replaced. Today, the car has a newly built 383 with roller cam, roller rockers and rullyftare, all components are forged and internally balanced.

The engine has the World highs with suction valve 2.08-inch exhaust and 1.60 inches in diameter counted, the flow of the peaks is 235 cc.

A Magna Fuel 300 petrol pump supplies Holley 850 carburetor with fuel.

The gearbox is a race-prepared 350, the rear axle tolvbultad with coil and 3:73 ratio.

The rear end is newly built with 4-link system and coilover suspension for maximum stability on the asphalt and to stop the car sitting there now modern disc brakes fitted all round. Sven-Olov has moved into the wheel arches to accommodate the wide tires.

A newly built X-pipe exhaust system helps to get the maximum effect of the engine.

The ambition is that the modification will continue this winter, with a focus on safety and Chevy will be equipped with a protective frame, belts, gimbal and the other for the upcoming race.

It will certainly be an attraction Wicked Tattoo Chevy when everything is finished.
And the tattoo, how did it go with it? Yes, that was the deal …

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